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在澳门葡京网赌游戏,澳门葡京赌博游戏利用数据和技术,最大限度地缩短潜在新药的发现和交付时间. 数据科学 and artificial intelligence (AI) are embedded across our R&D使澳门葡京赌博游戏的科学家能够突破科学的界限,提供改变生活的药物.

数据科学和人工智能正在改变R语言&D,帮助澳门葡京赌博游戏更快、更有可能成功地将科学转化为医学. We are applying AI throughout the discovery and development process, 从目标识别到临床试验, to uncover new insights to guide our 药物 discovery and development.

吉姆·韦瑟罗尔 数据科学副总裁 & 人工智能,R&D

Today we are generating and have access to more data than ever before. 事实上, 过去两年创造的数据比整个人类历史上创造的数据还要多. 但只有当澳门葡京赌博游戏能够分析、解释和应用这些数据时,这些数据的价值才能实现. 正好穿过R&D, we are using AI to help us decipher this wealth of information with the aim of:

•  Gaining a better understanding of the 疾病s we want to treat


•  Predicting which molecules to make and how to make them



澳门葡京赌博游戏的科学家正在使用人工智能来帮助重新定义医学科学,以寻求新的、更好的发现方式, test and accelerate the potential medicines of tomorrow. 以下部分讲述了数据科学和人工智能如何开始改变澳门葡京赌博游戏的R语言背后的一些故事&D的努力.


Gaining a better understanding of 疾病s we want to treat

We are determined to advance our fundamental understanding of 疾病s such as cancer, 呼吸系统疾病和心脏, 肾脏和代谢疾病. 因为通过了解导致疾病的原因, 澳门葡京赌博游戏希望找到新的治疗方法, 预防甚至治愈它们.

知识图谱是由情境化的科学数据事实和它们之间的关系组成的网络. 澳门葡京赌博游戏的知识图谱整合了基因组, 疾病, 药物, 临床和安全信息, helping to overcome confirmation bias and to turn data into insights. 然后,机器学习和人工智能应用(如图神经网络)可以挖掘这些数据,发现以前未知的模式,并做出新的目标预测. In 2021, we selected the first two AI-generated 药物 targets into our portfolio, 从澳门葡京赌博游戏与 BenevolentAI. We share parts of our internal knowledge graph work on GitHub.  

Our Centre for Genomics Research is working towards the analysis of 到2026年将达到200万个基因组. 澳门葡京赌博游戏使用最佳实践的云环境来处理和应用先进的数据和人工智能工具,以比以前更快、更强大的速度解释大量的基因组数据.

Beyond the genome lie the dynamic realms of the transcriptome, 蛋白质组和代谢组——大量未开发的丰富信息库,如果将它们联系起来,可以告诉澳门葡京赌博游戏更多关于疾病驱动因素的信息. Multi-omics is the integration of these datasets which, 在机器学习和人工智能的帮助下, can help us predict what a 药物 molecule does in a cell with far greater certainty.

Predicting what molecules to make next and how to make them

通过人工智能, 澳门葡京赌博游戏正在改变药物化学, 用复杂的计算方法来预测下一步要制造什么分子以及如何制造它们,从而增强传统的药物设计.

Werngard Czechtizky Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Research and Early Development, 呼吸 & 免疫学,澳门葡京赌博游戏R&D

随着澳门葡京赌博游戏的发现努力确定新的目标, 澳门葡京赌博游戏必须找到更有效的方法来设计传统的或新型的治疗方法,这些方法可以影响这些目标,并且可以成功地通过澳门葡京赌博游戏的管道. 

产生新分子思想的传统方法涉及一个漫长而密集的优化周期,制造和测试分子, as well as manually reviewing vast amounts of literature and data.

Today we use AI to help us deduce the best molecules to make in the shortest time, across 70 percent of our small molecule chemistry projects.

人工智能还帮助澳门葡京赌博游戏设计和开发其他治疗方式,包括肽或蛋白质疗法, nucleotide-based therapeutics and cell-based therapeutics.


Every week, our pathologists analyse hundreds of tissue samples from our research studies. 他们检查病人的疾病和生物标志物,这些标志物可能表明病人最有可能对澳门葡京赌博游戏的药物有反应. 这是非常耗时的,这就是为什么澳门葡京赌博游戏正在训练人工智能系统来帮助病理学家准确、更轻松地分析样本. This has the potential to cut analysis time by over 30%.

澳门葡京赌博游戏的一个人工智能系统, we implemented an approach inspired by how some self-driving cars understand their environment. We trained the AI system to score tumour cells and immune cells for a biomarker, 叫PD-L1, which has potential to help inform immunotherapy-based treatment decisions for bladder cancer.

Cancer is not the only 疾病 where imaging and AI are transforming research. 最近,澳门葡京赌博游戏的一个澳门葡京赌博游戏研究团队承担了一个雄心勃勃的项目, 训练深度神经网络,以预测 视网膜眼底图像中的疾病风险和相关生物标志物.  

Accelerating clinical trials through data science and AI

随机临床试验(rct)是目前制药公司评估潜在新药的首选方法. However, published data shows they have become more expensive and complex over time.

Advances in data science can help us re-think clinical trials, 加强现有做法,寻找发现和开发潜在新药的新方法.

例如, the rapid adoption of high-quality Electronic Health Records (EHRs) represents a vast, 丰富的, 高度相关的数据来源,对改善临床试验的实施具有巨大的潜力.

联邦电子病历技术正在释放新的机会,以加强临床研究和改变澳门葡京赌博游戏进行临床试验的方式. 这项技术有可能改进或取代包括患者识别在内的许多临床试验过程, 选择, 试验进行, 获取数据.

澳门葡京赌博游戏还利用人工智能和机器学习工具从临床试验数据中收集更多价值. 从历史上看, we have been proficient in using data from trials to analyse, interpret and report on the safety and efficacy of the trial 药物. But we want to maximise the value of the data we have already collected.

机器学习和人工智能也被应用 临床试验中的事件判定 使澳门葡京赌博游戏能够在不同阶段优化流程,以减少总体时间. 

Data re-use can help us better design our 药物 development strategies and programmes. 这可以帮助澳门葡京赌博游戏设计更智能的试验, 加强科学发现, 并最终, 在未来, has the potential to help our patients receive the best treatments.


Today we are generating and have access to more data than ever before. Data and analytics have the potential to transform our business, but the true value of scientific data can only be realised if it is “FAIR” - Findable, 可访问的, 可互操作和可重用.

澳门葡京网赌游戏的R&D和IT团队正在紧密合作,创建行业领先的企业数据和人工智能架构. 这将帮助澳门葡京赌博游戏回答关键的业务问题,并增强澳门葡京赌博游戏利用新工具和技术的能力, 比如人工智能和机器学习, 无论是现在还是将来.

澳门葡京赌博游戏还动员了一个数据科学家团队, bioinformaticians, 全公司的数据工程师和机器学习专家来确保澳门葡京赌博游戏收集数据, 以最佳方式组织和使用正确的数据.



Rapid developments in AI technology have brought us in to uncharted territory, and companies and regulators must work together to meet the new challenges posed. 澳门葡京赌博游戏的原则将使澳门葡京赌博游戏澳门葡京赌博游戏的伙伴能够安全有效地驾驭这个新环境. By encouraging innovation and evolution while maintaining our values, they provide a long-term ethical foundation to uphold our AI governance.

在2020年, 澳门葡京赌博游戏聘请了澳门葡京网赌游戏内外的各种专家来制定道德数据和人工智能的原则, 符合澳门葡京赌博游戏的道德准则和价值观. 这些价值观适用于患者和员工,使澳门葡京网赌游戏能够为社会做出积极贡献.

Pushing the boundaries of science through AI expertise

澳门葡京赌博游戏的顶尖科学家正在使用人工智能来帮助重新定义医学科学,以寻求新的、更好的发现方式, test and accelerate the potential medicines of tomorrow.


不管你的角色是什么, everyone in Data and AI makes a big contribution to our purpose, 以及澳门葡京赌博游戏整个企业的转型. 无论你是数据科学家, 数据工程师或信息架构师, 一个Chemoinformatian, Bioinformatician or Machine Learning Engineer – there’s a team for you.


We partner globally to innovate together, building an ecosystem that brings the outside in.

We start with the challenge we need to solve and identify the best partners, 是否学术, 科技或工业, all with the aim of fueling scientific discovery and development.  



如果你相信科学的力量, join us in our endeavour to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.

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